Friends of Vrindavan


‘Friends of Vrindavan’, main objective is to support ISKCON’s distribution of sanctified foods (prasadam) to the thousands of pilgrims who come to the Holy Land of Vrindavan Dham, to spread the teachings of the saints and spiritual personages who reside in and/or visit Vrindavan Dham through the distribution of religious literature, and construction/maintenance temples, pilgrimage sites, ashramas (residences for pilgrims), carrying out all other well fare activities for general public and pilgrims on behalf of ISKCON in Vrindavan Dham.The project will further enhance the spiritual beliefs by creating a holy place where its devotees and other followers of Vedic culture from all over the world can gather to study, practice, and teach the science of Krishna consciousness according to Bhagavad-Gita and other timeless Vedic scriptures.

There are many people who desire to perform services in this spiritually significant place but are unable to do so. We provide them the opportunity to serve through their contributions, while we do the hands on job of carrying out these various activities for the benefit of the place and its various inhabitants.